Always wanted to drive/ride the old Dakar route, the route through Morocco, Mauritania with the finish at Lake Rose? Look no further, the real way to dakar is the rally event you are looking for. You can do it as a race(on your own pace) or as an adventure trip. You will see beautifull landscapes, high mountains and sandy dunes. The experience of a lifetime!!

The rally/raid is organised by realwaytodakar.com. We provide the support that you will need during this adventure. Ofcourse with all the offroad you want to ride light, so we will transport your luggage. But also when in Dakar, your bike needs to get back. We will make sure it will arrive safely back in europe.

For the 2024 edition we have space for 1 or 2 SSV’s(1 spot taken) and 13 bikes(6 spots taken). We will be taking 2 support vehicles to the start. One will be mainly transporting the gear from bivac to bivac. While the other vehicle can handle quick support on/along the racetracks.

On the support pack page you will find what is included in the service pack.

Further we will try to inform you on relevant information about the rally itself, but the best resource for that is the website of the organisation itself: http://www.realwaytodakar.com

SSV in action on the RWTD2023