4X4 self-drive daytrip Sandwich Harbour

Since my wife and kids didn’t experience any of the dune driving we decided to book another small self-drive tour. We found this through Red Dune Safaris. JP gave us a great tour along some historic and scenic sites towards Sandwich Harbour.

After a quick stop for some snacks we went for some dune driving. Even after the five-day trip into the desert, JP could still learn me some tricks. Or was it maybe just a bit more confidense in dune driving.

All in all a great trip with the family.


  • Astrid Agerskov
    Posted 4 januari 2020 23:29 0Likes

    Having done the Sandwich Harbour Tour with a guide, I don t think it s a good idea to encourage self driving. We drove through some large dunes and the driver had a lot of experience. I couldn t imagine driving those dunes myself. I think as xelas mentioned, there s a very good chance of getting stuck. Why take the chance? The tour wasn t all that expensive.

    • Alexander
      Posted 23 mei 2020 16:53 0Likes

      Hello Astrid,
      Thank you for your feedback. I’m not promoting self-driving in difficult terrain. I think that every owner of a 4×4 should decide what he can and can’t do.
      This site is about rally driving, and i was there for training. Just did 5 days of dune driving, so this self-drive trip was excellent.
      Doing the tour all-organized is also an excellent option for the less confident drivers.
      Greetz, Alexander

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