About us

Desert warriors started as a support team in preparation for the 2021 edition. This was after the participation in the 2020 edition. In that edition Alexander and Tony broke down with their Toyota Landcruiser, and didn’t get the support needed to finish the rally. Alexander was determined that this could be done better, so Desert Warriors was born.

The 2021 edition was postponed because of Covid, and unfortunatly the 2022 edition too. But in 2023 there was finaly some action again. This edition Desert Warriors supported 1 SSV and 5 bikes. 3 bikes and the SSV made it to the finish. 2 bikes unfortunatly had to drop out because of medical issues.

2024 will be the next edition, with now 2 support vehicles with trailers this edition will be even bigger. There is space for 1 or 2 SSV’s and 13 bikes.