Edition 2020

The beast

The 2020 edition was a partly success. We finished 7 stages without problems. The first stage in mauritania was unfortunatly less of a success, and we had to drop out of the rally because of mechanical failure. We could continue with Barry is his support vehicle to the finish in Dakar fortunatly. Thanks Barry!!! ( https://www.raidassist.com/ )

This is the story about the car:

As rally car we use a Toyota Landcruiser V8. It has a 4.4L diesel engine producing 162kW of power.

The car is prepared for rally with a roll-cage, custom 250L petrol tank, strengthened body and protective covers underneath. On board we have a compressor to de/inflate tyres. The car is fitted with a fire supression system in case of emergency. On the roof there is a Lazer Triple-R 28 Ultra Long Range Led Lamp mounted for the early morning drives, or the late arrivals.