This trip also gave some problems…. Not long after we began driving the car started to act up on the highway. We lost power while driving a normal speed(130km/h). With some effort I could get the car to an exit.

The way the car acted suggested fuel problems. We quickly discovered that the diesel tank was having vacuum issues. We already experienced this, the breather tube doesn’t function correctly. Once again, the tube was full with diesel.

Before we arrived yesterday at the hotel we filled up the tank. Drove some extra kilometers, and then parked at the hotel, underground. Most likely the fuel heated up because of the “warm” parking, expanded, and filled the breather tube, the only escape…

This caused the tank to become vacuum, so the engine didn’t get any fuel anymore.

Fortunately we figured this rare problem out quickly, and could continue our trip south.

After this the trip went very well, with a new top speed of 180km/h and a nice average speed the first 3 hours of 150-160km/h, speeding along behind a Spanish car which knew where to brake 🙂