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4X4 dune training Namibia

My family and I(Alexander) are now off to Namibia for a short 4×4 training in the dunes and of course also some safari experience. I rented a Toyota Landcruiser from Auto Africa in Windhoek. Nice and simular to our own car. Except it’s petrol instead of diesel, and it’s an automatic. The car is equipped with additional fuel tanks, and…


A car is bought

On the internet we found a (almost) ready to rally car. It was at a dealer(RVL Mobility) in Beek en Donk. He also had a bowler, but we liked the Landcruiser more, since they are populair in Afrika, so easier to replair or get parts for. We had a long talk to Ronald van Loon, the owner. After some negotiation…


An idea is born

Sipping a glass of wine in the sun, talking about the past rallies, and idea was born. Lets do it with a car this time. Tony did the rally already 3 times on a bike. For Alexander it was all new, but a dream for a long time. Lets do this thing. A period of investigation/looking for options began…