Maintenance course

Couple of days ago Tony and I went of to the UK to do a maintenance course specifically for Toyota Landcruisers. Julian Voelcker from Overland Cruisers organises this specialized course. In two days time he takes you through your own vehicle. So no flying, we had to drive there.

DFDS ferry at calais, waiting to board.

We drove to calais to take the ferry to dover. From dover it was still a four hour drive to Herefordshire. We stayed in a great B&B closeby; Moor Court Farmyard

In a pretty cold shed we worked on the car, learned a lot about it, and repaired minor issues. Some spares needed to be ordered, they were put in the next day.

Some beers were involved aswell ofcourse

After two very interesting days we went back home again, hopefully without to many traffic fines…

bye bye cold&wet UK