Today we had the softstart in Paris. A small amount of the contestants showed up. People from Spain or Portugal, obviously didn’t drive up for this symbolic thing. Everybody gathered at 9am, we had a short ceremonial thing, and off we went.

After some driving the oil lamp started to burn, and then started to fluctuate between on and off. We stopped at the first available gas station to check the oil level, but all was good. We have software to read out the ODB/car systems, but this software was giving issues.

We decided to go to the nearest Toyota dealer along the route in Orleans.

Fortunately, we arrived just before lunch, since this is sacred in France. The guy behind the desk of the garage didn’t speak much english, but with some handsignals we convinced him to have a look.

They did a quick diagnostics. No serious issues, maybe something with the sensor, but since this was no standard car — no way to tell. Nothing to worry about at least.

We were really relieved that we could continue our way. Thanks to Guillaume from Toyota Fleury-les-Aubrais / Groupe Bernier our adventure was safe.