Support package

For the Real way to dakar we are offering a support pack for bikes and SSV’s. It’s like an all-inclusive experience. We will transport your bike from Rotterdam to Almeria, where you can join us to cross into Morocco to head to the start of the rally.

We have a (private) tent for you for the nights in the bivouak. Breakfast and dinner will be provided by the rally org, we will provide you with basic lunch and drinks.

We can help with prepping the bike in bivouak. We make sure that your jerry can’s will be filled and make it to the petrol stops. Cost of petrol is not included.

We will try to have internet available in every bivouak, but be aware that this depends on local coverage of cellphone networks.

What is included:

  • Transport of bike from Rotterdam to the start in Morocco
  • Beers where available(Mauritania can be difficult)
  • Transport of 2 crates per person for personal effects/spare parts
  • Transport of 2 spare tyres
  • Mechanic assistance where needed
  • 2 x 20L jerry can to be used for petrol stops
  • Private tent for overnight in bivoauks
  • Internet access in bivouak(subject to availability)
  • Desert Warriors hoody + cap
  • In event of accident, transport of bike back home
  • Transport of your bike back from Dakar to Rotterdam

The prices below are based on a full race experience. If you want to do a lite category or the adventure category, contact us. Prices may differ.

You fly into Almeria to join us on the ferry or like last time you fly into Fez, which is an easier route for you guys. In dakar, after the festivities you fly back home, and we make sure your equipment gets home safely.

Bike pricing

Race category€2750
Lite category 1 or 2€2200
Adventure category€2750

Price is per bike and 1 rider, entry fee for rally is not included.

SSV pricing


Price is per SSV/team and 2 riders, entry fee for rally is not included. Prices are based on full-race category. If you participate in lite or adventure class, we will compensate the price accordingly.

What is not included:

  • Petrol
  • Visa’s
  • Upgrades at certain bivouaks to rooms instead of tent
  • Flight to Almeria or Fez
  • Flight back home from dakar
  • Transport of your vehicle from and to Rotterdam

Support vehicle

With this van and possibly that trailer we will be supplying the support. It has a second seating row, and lots of space in the back.